Top Two Nude Celebs of 2017

March 28th, 2017 by christian

So who are my biggest crushes in the celebrity world of 2017 ?, are you ready for it ? drumroll please haha. Here comes the ultimate celebrity list for those who have done nudes of course.

Number: 1
Anna Paquin

The one and only Anna Paquin of course. Her dark mysterious look and those eyes you can get lost in all helps her on to my my very top of the list for 2017. And of course her amazingly hot nude and boob slips helps as well if you know what I mean. If anyone I could just marry on the spot it would be this hottie for SURE !.

Number: 2
Heather Locklear

Okay so right about now you are choking on what ever beverage you are enjoying and asking yourself what the fuck is wrong with me choosing this rather mature celeb. Well what can I say I have a sweet spot for this babe of proportions and who doesn’t love Baywatch I AM JUST SAYING. So to make sure none of you guys forget about this once the hottest women on earth I have chosen her for my 2017 list.

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Meg Ryan gets fucked and jizzed on

December 8th, 2016 by J

Nobody’s happy with Meg Ryan’s ‘facial alterations’, except herself perhaps, and we all miss her natural good looks and charisma. Luckily, we found a hot leaked sex tape of hers from few years ago when she’s all fresh and her all-natural hotness self doing naughty things with her former boyfriend. They were studying for an exam for the following day but got hot and horny when Ryan told her pal she’s got no undies on underneath her skirt.

This gave her friend a boner and they did tend to the throbbing meat right away while they still have the house to themselves and no one will catch them getting wild out in the open. They didn’t bother going back to Ryan’s room as they already found themselves comfortable eating each other up on the spot and banging hard and deep too. They ended the quick and spontaneous fuck session with a nice cum spray on Ryan’s round tight ass.

Naughty Meg Ryan banged and sprayed on cam

Petite Meg Ryan drilled rough on the bed

July 20th, 2016 by J

Enjoying hardcore sex in the bedroom

She was a young sex siren. Meg Ryan might not look like your typical Playboy Bunny because she’d seem all uptight and someone who doesn’t have extreme fun on the sides but this leaked video of hers will come as a big shock to many. Not too long ago, she’s actually this hardcore chick on porn flicks doing wild things with big men. She’s this petite fuck men likes to carry around when having rough sex. She likes to pretend like a blow up doll but when she can’t contain the lust anymore, would spring back to life and start giving sloppy blowjobs, spreading those legs wider and riding a stiff cock like a pro.

Naked Meg Ryan enjoys some hot spanking

March 17th, 2016 by J

Meg Ryan is famous in a lot of ways but you can’t deny the fact that she’s graced romantic films bunch of times such as Sleepless in Seattle and her tragic role in City of Angels. She started making rounds in Hollywood for a drastic change she did to her face, almost unrecognizable in fact, but that’s not where we’re going to focus. Just recently, a rather different kind of Meg has surfaced, a video of herself doing some hardcore play while naked. Probably some tactic to distract fans and bashers from her ‘new look’ and it might have worked. This clip must’ve been from her Pandora’s box, where she keeps all her naughty activities intact, but somehow seemed to leak and make itself known.

Meg Ryan in naughty spanking spree

There’s no turning back now, seeing a different side of Meg Ryan in such a way will make you look at her in any film roles as a wild sex toy. All naked and even has a tat on her back, she begs for this horny jock to give her some serious slappin’. Bending over to expose her wet holes, making the lucky bastard hard and giddy. It’s easy to give some kinky chick what she wants when she’s all over the place wearing nothing. This video shows how much she craves spanks and naughty caning. That ass do look a perfect canvass for this wild sex play.

Real Pics of Meg Ryan Exposing Her Boobs While Being Fucked

June 22nd, 2010 by mary

meg ryan fucking

These pictures are real. It shows Meg Ryan exposing her breasts while being fucked by actor Mark Ruffalo. The photos were taken from the set of her movie, In The Cut, wherein she plays a kinky English teacher living in Manhattan. The film is based on the erotic bestselling novel by Susana Moore. Nicole Kidman was originally set to star in the movie but had to bow out because she was divorcing Tom Cruise at the time of filming. Meg Ryan took over the role.

meg ryan breasts

These photos are really something since Meg Ryan rarely does nudity in any of her movies. Meg Ryan gained wide acclaim because of her squeaky clean roles in romantic comedies; she was nicknamed by audiences as America’s sweetheart.

meg ryan boobs

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Meg Ryan Enjoys Group Sex A Lot

December 8th, 2008 by mary

Who’d have thought that America’s Sweetheart could be so kinky and insatiable when it comes to carnal activities?  Well, being married for a pretty long time to one man must be a factor in her decision to join in on these orgies, especially since she just gave a recent interview that Dennis Quaid was unfaithful to her during their years as man and wife.  Now it’s time to make up for all those years of his infidelities by getting as much sex with as many men as she can, and what better way to do that than with threesomes or even full-blown clusterfucks?

Meg Ryan looks so satiated in bed, with three guys and their erect cocks surrounding her naked body, and one of them even has their finger up her pussy.  It seems they can’t get enough of her, and what guy would?  Having a hot celeb like her in bed is a guaranteed aphrodisiac which’ll keep you hard and ready for some hot fucking for as long as you can.  Just look at the delight on her face as grabs hold of two cocks in front of her, in the other pic.  If you see a Hollywood babe who’s so happy at getting some hard dick, wouldn’t you want to keep on satisfying her for as long as you could, too?

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Meg Ryan Shows Off Her Pussy For Her Admirers

December 8th, 2008 by mary

Meg Ryan was America’s Sweetheart during the height of her career in the 1990s, which made her prime babe material then, and hot MILF pussy now.  So here we have Meg Ryan showing off that pussy for her legions of horny male fans who’ve showed such patience sitting through all those romantic comedies without complaint even though they’d much rather have seen her in something more erotic.  Here we see Meg Ryan’s hidden assets — and the ones we’ve always been lusting for.  She’s not one of those blonde bombshells after all, with huge breasts leading the way as she goes through her romantic roles.  No, she’s got a tight, slender body with just the right curves to keep us drooling, and so what we’re lusting for when we think of Meg Ryan in the nude is her lovely snatch.

That snatch is on display here, with an early pic of Meg Ryan and her pussy leading the way.  She looks so young in that first pussy pic, which was probably taken around the early part of her career, before she became the blockbuster romantic comedy sensation of the 90s.  Maybe that was even taken before her marriage to Dennis Quaid (which imploded back in 2000, if you’re wondering if she’s single or not), which makes that clit of hers a lot more virginal than those in the other pics.  But I still prefer those other pics of hers from her days as America’s Sweetheart.  That makes that slit between her legs America’s Sweet Pussy, and you can’t get any better pussy than that.  Consider the fact that she’s not even showing any titty in these pics, but we’re all still mesmerized and completely aroused by her.  But if you still want to see Meg Ryan naked, then there’s that site you can go to when you click on that link back there…

Meg Ryan Flashes Her Tits

December 2nd, 2008 by mary

Looks like Meg Ryan’s got a raunchy past that just coming to light at this time.  This pic of her doesn’t look like a very recent one, although she still looks as hot as this with the right lighting.  Still, I think that it’s more likely that this photo was taken sometime during the height of her career, which was during the mid-to-late 90s.  That’s how she looked then, and that’s how her hair was cut.  That’s when she was most definitely America’s Sweetheart, and it seemed like every romantic comedy she starred in went straight to the top of the box office.  That’s actually close to the truth, though she’s had some missteps even when she was on the top of the heap, sometimes critical or sometimes commercial, though rarely both.  She’s Meg Ryan after all, and every guy has some type of crush on her, even unrepentant horndogs like us.  This pic is what we’ve been dreaming about all these years, showing Meg Ryan as we knew she could be — a horny and frisky little minx who’d show us her perky titties!

Meg’s naughty moments aren’t limited to this tank top-raising booby-flashing episode either.  If you click on this link, you’ll see a Meg Ryan that most people don’t know about, but one whom we’d definitely like to see in more movies like 2004’s “In The Cut“, where Meg Ryan appeared fully nude on film for the first time!