Meg Ryan Naked

This is how hot Meg Ryan was at the height of her career during the 1990s — her four top romantic comedies during that period, “When Harry Met Sally”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “French Kiss” and “You’ve Got Mail”, grossed over $670 million worldwide.  Now that’s a record even the top action stars during that time wouldn’t sneeze at.  So it’s understandable why you’re here as a fan of Meg Ryan looking to see Meg Ryan naked.  That’s because she’s been the foundation on which many fantasies have been made, especially if you’ve been dragged by a girlfriend or two to watch those romantic comedies with her.  It’s just desserts for them, because their boyfriends surely developed a desire for Meg Ryan while watching that cutie on the big screen with them.  And that brings them here, to this site.

While Meg Ryan is best known for her roles in romantic comedies, she started out as a more diverse actress, playing Betsy Stewart in the daytime soap “As The World Turns” for two years, before getting regular movie roles, some of which were films like “Amityville 3-D”, but also include “Top Gun“, where she played Goose’s wife.  Varied roles in movies like “Promised Land”, “Innerspace” (where she would meet her soon-to be-husband Dennis Quaid), and “The Presidio” would follow, and then in 1989, she did “When Harry Met Sally…” with Billy Crystal, which would be her first full-blown hit and put her in the Hollywood spotlight.  Her other collaborations with Nora Ephron would prove to be immense successes, making her America’s Sweetheart during the 1990s, peaking with two major $200 million blockbusters in 1998, which were “City of Angels” with Nicholas Cage, and Nora Ephron-helmed “You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks again.

Even while reigning at the top as Hollywood’s queen of romantic comedies, Meg Ryan has always tried to stretch her acting muscles, and also appeared as an alcoholic in “When A Man Loves A Woman” in 1994, and as a Gulf War soldier in the true-to-life “Courage Under Fire” in 1996.  Her last romantic comedy until this year’s “My Mom’s New Boyfriend” was 2001’s “Kate And Leopold”, which had her starring opposite Hugh Jackman, and which wasn’t that successful at the box office.  But with her past movies on DVD, there’s still no one who can yet lay claim to her title as queen of romantic comedies in my opinion, except for Julia Roberts, of course, and maybe even Sandra Bullock.

But despite our love for her as a romantic ideal, you know what we’re really here for is to check out Meg Ryan at her naughtiest and raunchiest.  That means heading over to Meg Ryan Naked for Meg’s erotic pics and videos.  After all, romantic comedies are really just for women, and we’re interested in Meg Ryan because of her pretty face and tight, slender body.  So go click on that link and start getting back at your exes for dragging you to all those love stories when all you wanted to watch was some guy with a gun kick butt with huge explosions in the background!