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Meg Ryan Shows Off Her Pussy For Her Admirers

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Meg Ryan was America’s Sweetheart during the height of her career in the 1990s, which made her prime babe material then, and hot MILF pussy now.  So here we have Meg Ryan showing off that pussy for her legions of horny male fans who’ve showed such patience sitting through all those romantic comedies without complaint even though they’d much rather have seen her in something more erotic.  Here we see Meg Ryan’s hidden assets — and the ones we’ve always been lusting for.  She’s not one of those blonde bombshells after all, with huge breasts leading the way as she goes through her romantic roles.  No, she’s got a tight, slender body with just the right curves to keep us drooling, and so what we’re lusting for when we think of Meg Ryan in the nude is her lovely snatch.

That snatch is on display here, with an early pic of Meg Ryan and her pussy leading the way.  She looks so young in that first pussy pic, which was probably taken around the early part of her career, before she became the blockbuster romantic comedy sensation of the 90s.  Maybe that was even taken before her marriage to Dennis Quaid (which imploded back in 2000, if you’re wondering if she’s single or not), which makes that clit of hers a lot more virginal than those in the other pics.  But I still prefer those other pics of hers from her days as America’s Sweetheart.  That makes that slit between her legs America’s Sweet Pussy, and you can’t get any better pussy than that.  Consider the fact that she’s not even showing any titty in these pics, but we’re all still mesmerized and completely aroused by her.  But if you still want to see Meg Ryan naked, then there’s that site you can go to when you click on that link back there…